Texas Has Many Different Climates You Can Enjoy

If you want to base a vacation out of one state but experience a great number of different climates, then Texas might just be the state that you want to head to. While it might be famous for its major cities, be they metropolises like Dallas and Houston, or smaller cities with a character all their own, such as San Antonio and Austin, there is quite a bit of open space to enjoy nature in the Lone Star State.

In the eastern end of the state, you can enjoy hunting and camping in those lush forests this end of the country are known for. As you cross the state though, the trees thin out, giving way to the southern end of the Great Plains that roar up the middle of the continent into Canada. To the west, you can find desert and mountains, and the Gulf Coast has sunny, warm beaches with blue water and abundant sunshine.

So, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast who wants to get a taste of quite a few different biomes all in one trip, then the state of Texas is certainly worth a look for your next scheduled week of adventures. However, make sure you have a car or vehicle to get around, because while there might be a lot of diversity in the various ecologies and geographies of this state, you’re not going to fit them all in day trips from one single city.

You’ll have to pull up stakes and move around where you stay every night, but that can be part of the adventure. The night sky is big everywhere in Texas, but it looks a bit different in the desert than it does in the woodlands closer to Louisiana. The stars certainly shine brighter the farther you get from the cities too.